Eric Freyer

When people ask why I chose woodworking I tell them I didn’t.

It chose me.

I still have a scar from the time I was 4 years old and learning to use a coping saw. I am drawn to the beauty in wood. There is a sense of connection working with a material, unique for its particular history. Wood permits a good deal of freedom in my designs. It can be both rigid and supple; can be used for support or ornament. Wood can be both plain and mysterious; as light and luminescent as water or as dense and opaque as rock. Wood expresses and inspires emotion by transcending its function to connect with the spirit. But function is a critical element in my furniture. I want my work to inspire and excite, but all my work is intended for everyday use.

I believe there is something special about a piece of furniture that is made entirely from start to finish by one person. I put my heart into my work. Each piece is unique and I always work to honor the beauty of the wood and provide it a worthy second life, a life that will outlast me and be used and treasured for generations.