The Sedona ARTSource Team

This website, is a unique online public space created to acknowledge working artists in Sedona and those that represent the arts in the marketplace, and thus creates a beneficial pairing of Sedona businesses and the arts community that offers benefits to both.  

All about the arts scene in Sedona, Sedona ARTSource provides concierge style information and a comprehensive event calendar. Enjoy Sedona’s newest arts information publication, The Quarterly Review on topics of Sedona’s Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Design Arts, Arts Education, and Literary Arts in both traditional print and new media formats.

Naturally, the ARTSource team members behind the dream are artists. Read more about them here:

Greg Lawson is best known for his global collection of still images created in all camera formats since the mid-century. His art is collected and displayed in fifty states in the USA and in nearly every nation on the planet. He has created five publishing companies in the last 35 years, ArtSource being one of these. As a promoter of art appreciation and of social responsibility options, Greg is also an author, lecturer and radio broadcast host.

Sedona ArtSource has the distinct mission of promoting arts in Sedona exclusively while offering acknowledgement to all in the arts community.



Lynn Alison Trombetta is a visual artist, professional flutist and recording artist with the performing group, Meadowlark, as well as a published author and freelance writer on topics of art, music, and wellness.  Visit her page for more information on her projects and publications.

Trombetta’s enthusiasm for the artist’s life is evident in the interviews and articles that you’ll read in Sedona Art Source’s Quarterly Review and online here.



Kristina Gabrielle brings many talents and experience to ArtSource Publications.  She has worked in advertising and publication design for twenty years.  She is also an accomplished curator and art gallery director.






Rick Cyge is a guitarist, mandolinist, pianist, composer, arranger, recording artist, concert producer, web designer and entrepreneur. Cyge has been performing for over 50 years and has produced concerts with local, national and international artists for 35 years.
He performs regionally as a solo fingerstyle guitarist, in the guitar/bass/drum trio, Ironwood, and also with his wife, flautist Lynn Trombetta as part of the ensemble, Meadowlark. He has over a dozen recordings to his credit with national and international airplay.

Cyge brings his web designing and entrepreneurial skills to the Sedona Art Source team and is enthusiastic about being part of this exciting new project!