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ART Source America Volume 8

Volume VIII

Human emotion is at the core of one of life's most cherished accessories – art. Its pulse is perceived in every creative person, its presence realized in every created work.

ARTSource Media continues to spotlight creatives of every genre in Volume 8, ARTSource America. People working as full time creative professionals, along with those working in the arts part time, reveal an impassioned creative spirit and each are proudly featured in ARTSource America.

Our unique distribution model broadcasts the outworking of that spirit to professional media and art users along with a diverse general audience of art aficionados.

Volume Eight features visual artists including Bearcloud, Brenda Boylan, Cyndy Carstens, Donna Gauthier, Regina Goddard, Jeremy Johnson, Baruch Koritan, Khrystyna Kozyuk, Greg Lawson, Maki Lin, Anna Marchenko, Bryn McLeod, James N. Muir, Nampeyo of Hopi, Buzz Siler, Mario B. Simic, Lynn Alison Trombetta, Janette Vizcaino, and Star York. Read about performing artists from Boston University a capella ensembles, Chiara Capobianco, Lisa Chow, Sam Guarnaccia, Shondra Jepperson, Rachel Kelli, Step Raptis, Kia Rooei, and Alex and Luana Soare. Film director Mark Fletcher shares observations from the film Patrick and the Whale, featured at the Sedona International Film Festival. Culinary artists Catherine Cotay and Gerardo Moceri as well as and literary artists, Tod Christensen, Hannah Joya, and Tonya Lonsbury are included in Volume Eight.
ARTSource Arizona Volume Seven

Volume VII

ARTSource Arizona Volume Seven reflects on the career of flutist R. Carlos Nakai and features other artists including Cyndy Carstens, Carly Quinn, “Aya” Sheevaya, Karl Williams, and Reagan Word.

Preview the art and techniques of historic photographer Edward S. Curtis, from an exhibition at Western Spirit – Scottsdale's Museum of the West. Glimpse forward to the 2022 Sedona International Film Festival and look back on the making of the film "In A Different Key" shown at the 2021 Festival. Glasses are raised in a toast to Linda Goldenstein, founder of the award-winning Goldenstein Gallery.

Volume Seven features an expanded look at generations of artists and creative persons with an Arizona connection including Doug, Dianne, and Ryan Adams; Lou and Adam DeSerio; Brian, Brenda, and Robyn Foley; Sam and Christopher Forrest; Kristina Gabrielle; the Moceri Family; Esteban and Teresa Joy; singer-songwriter Melanie's family; Bill, Rose and Rio Robson; and the Waddell family.
ARTSource Arizona

Volume VI

ARTSource Arizona Volume Six features paintings from visual artists Ed Mell, Mary Lois Brown, Khrystyna Kozyuk, Aros Crystos, Franck Boistel, Cyndy Carstens, Diana Madaras, Elizabeth Silk, Brad Wilkinson, Lynn Alison Trombetta, and Bearcloud.

Bronze sculptures by John M. Soderberg and James N. Muir are included in the issue along with poetry by Ofelia Zepeda; glass art by Thomas A. Philabaum; a new book by James N. Muir; culinary creations by Chef William Turner; astrophotography by Joel Quimpo; landscape photography by Mike Koopsen; and views into the lives of performance artists Pash Galbavy, Lewis Nash, Shondra Jepperson, and Dev Ross.

A focus on the Sedona International Film Festival and its Director, Patrick Schweiss is found in this first statewide edition of ARTSource, plus a preview of "Fearless Fashion" – a special exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum showcasing over eighty fashion designs by ’60s mod legend Rudi Gernreich, and a glimpse of the Musical Instrument Museum's collection of more than 8,000 instruments from more than 200 countries.

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The Art of Jill Amundsen - Sedona Art Source

The Art of Jill Amundsen

“I was told that I should fill the whole canvas with paint and that I should not leave areas unpainted. The rebel in me did not listen.”

— Jill Amundsen

Doug Adams furniture - Sedona Art Source Voume 5

A Deep-Seated Love for Furniture

The furniture we choose to live with reflects our values, our lifestyle and our culture in ways we often give little attention. Yet, out of the mind of artists, this ancient quest for practical solutions for home furnishings often blossoms into so much more…