A Deep-Seated Love for FURNITURE

Doug Adams furniture - Sedona Art Source Voume 5

The furniture we choose to live with reflects our values, our lifestyle and our culture in ways we often give little attention. Yet, out of the mind of artists, this ancient quest for practical solutions for home furnishings often blossoms into so much more.

In many ways, the history of our furniture is more cultural than evolutionary. While we began with the basic functionality needed for our bodies to sit, work, and sleep, the resulting furniture reflects our tastes and our values as much, if not more, than a historical time period. Clearly, our furnishings are more than simply places to rest our bodies. We create, solve, think, share our lives and dream while in their embrace.

Featured Artists

We explore both fashion and functionality with offerings from several furniture makers with a Sedona connection! The following links contain information supplied by the artists or the galleries representing them.

ARTSource Explores: A Deep-Seated Love for Furniture

Sedona ARTSource Volume 5

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