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  • A Deep-Seated Love for FURNITURE
    The furniture we choose to live with reflects our values, our lifestyle and our culture in ways we often give little attention. Yet, out of the mind of artists, this ancient quest for practical solutions for home furnishings often blossoms into so much more …

  • Sweets + Art = Sweet Art
    Creating a desire for sweets is the easy part! Andrea Carusetta, owner of CREAM & Cake Couture and Cake Couture Coffee & Dessert in Sedona transforms basic ingredients into visual, culinary and artistic adventures. “To bite or not to bite” becomes the decision when faced with her delectable creations. Beautiful as they are, the desire to taste will always win out …

  • Lynn Alison Trombetta – On Creativity
    It seems fitting to shine a light on our Editor, Lynn Alison Trombetta. She is a multi-talented artist who uses beautiful music, art and writing to creatively connect with others and encourage an exchange of energy between the giver and the receiver, each one energizing, each one being energized with a positive awakening for all. Here, Lynn shares the heart of her art and tells her engaging story. — Greg Lawson, ARTSource Publisher

  • Nature As Art – Touchstone Gallery
    The artist, Michelangelo believed his task as the sculptor was not to create, but simply to chip away the excess, to reveal the figures he made from stone. A visit to Touchstone Gallery in Sedona leads one to ponder such things …