ARTSource America Volume Eight

ARTSource Media continues to spotlight creatives of every genre in Volume 8, ARTSource America. People working as full time creative professionals, along with those working in the arts part time, reveal an impassioned creative spirit and each are proudly featured in ARTSource America.

Volume Eight features visual artists including Bearcloud, Brenda Boylan, Cyndy Carstens, Donna Gauthier, Regina Goddard, Jeremy Johnson, Baruch Koritan, Khrystyna Kozyuk, Greg Lawson, Maki Lin, Anna Marchenko, Bryn McLeod, James N. Muir, Nampeyo of Hopi, Buzz Siler, Mario B. Simic, Lynn Alison Trombetta, Janette Vizcaino, and Star York. Read about performing artists from Boston University a capella ensembles, Chiara Capobianco, Lisa Chow, Sam Guarnaccia, Shondra Jepperson, Rachel Kelli, Step Raptis, Kia Rooei, and Alex and Luana Soare. Film director Mark Fletcher shares observations from the film Patrick and the Whale, featured at the Sedona International Film Festival. Culinary artists Catherine Cotay and Gerardo Moceri as well as and literary artists, Tod Christensen, Hannah Joya, and Tonya Lonsbury are included in Volume Eight.