Sedona ARTSource Volume I

Here is a glimpse into the premiere edition of Sedona ARTSource.  The images are thumbnails of the actual layouts of the articles in the publication.  The synopsis of each article is merely a brief  summary of the focus of the piece.

City of Sedona – State of the Arts

Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Sedona, Nancy Lattanzi, shares how the City supports a wide range of creative programming including the City Hall Art Rotation Program, Artist in the Classroom, the Mayor’s Arts Awards, Art in Public Places, the Moment of Art, and the Street Performance Program.

Frasca & Halliday – An Ode to Mother Nature

Individually and collectively, Connie Frasca and Karen Halliday have a relentless need to create. Together they produce one-of-a-kind mixed media wall pieces and vessels emphasizing the inherent beauty of the exotic woods and elements they use. There is an inner essence driving each artist to express themselves, while a subconscious force is simmering beneath the surface, preparing to explode in a symphony of creativity.

John and Ruth Waddell – Common Ground

The camaraderie of seven decades of shared creativity, shared art, and shared memories comes together in this interview with two of Sedona’s most notable artists, John Henry Waddell and his wife, Ruth Waddell who have lived in the Verde Valley near Sedona, Arizona since 1970.

A Parallel Universe – The History of Tlaquepaque

Walking through the gates of Tlaquepaque one is transported back in time to a village with historic intrigue. Learn how businessman Abe Miller’s dream came to fruition with the design and construction of one of Sedona’s beloved art destinations featuring galleries, shops, restaurants, and artisan center amid courtyards, fountains, and giant sycamore trees.

Five Questions for Patrick Schweiss

Executive Director of Sedona International Film Festival and the Mary D. Fisher Theatre, Patrick Schweiss, speaks to Sedona ArtSource about film as an art form and Sedona as an art community.

Mary Margaret Sather – “I am a Potter”

“Fifty years ago, I happily put ‘potter’ on the line that asked occupation. It’s the only title I claim. The word potter covers my life in clay,” says Sedona artist Mary Margaret Sather. Influenced by museums and travel, her adventurous career has moved as fast as a potter’s wheel, seemingly with fate at her side.

Patricia Saxton – En Pointe

Creativity begins at the point of a pencil for Designer/Author/Illustrator, Patricia Saxton. Her daughter’s love of mermaids served as inspiration for Patricia Saxton’s first book. Newly located to Sedona, she shares her books, creative journey and her illustrative process.

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